Professional Dog Training throughout the Three Rivers area!

Finding a dog trainer doesn’t have to be such an exhausting and difficult task. Responsible, loving dog parents want not only good training, but results that will last a lifetime and a regimen that promotes a healthy relationship between owner and dog! This is something Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh takes very seriously and incorporates in all our training plans for ALL our clients!

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It is proven that dogs will achieve behavioral balance more quickly and successfully when their families demonstrate consistent training, structure, and confidence! It doesn’t matter what the issue is, we work together to make sure that owners feel like proud, successful leaders for their dogs, and that the dogs understand the right behaviors and eventually learn to willingly choose these behaviors on their own!

Aggression & Anxiety – We Fix That!

Pivotal Dog Training is there for you and your dog! What about just brushing up on some basic manners and commands? We cover the fundamentals too, both for adult dogs and for our puppies! No behavioral issue is too difficult for us, and we do NOT discriminate based on behavior, breed, size, temperament, age, etc. Any dog that wants to be behaviorally balanced is welcomed at Pivotal Dog Training!

How Anxiety Leads to Aggression

How Anxiety Leads to Aggression  An aggressive dog is an owner’s worst nightmare. Sometimes a dog demonstrates aggressive tendencies from the time they’re a puppy. Other times aggression develops as the dog grows or the behavior seemingly comes out of nowhere. At...

 It’s TRUE! Aggressive Dogs Can Be Turned Around

 It's TRUE! Aggressive Dogs Can Be Turned Around Through my experiences and observations of the dog training landscape, aggressive dogs don’t get a fair chance. When a dog shows signs of aggression or performs an act of aggression, people are quick to label them as...

Board and Train vs. In-Home Training

Board and Train vs. In-Home Training There are lots of options for training your dog. You might have seen many that offer an "board and train experience"where you can drop your dog off and pick them up later, and they’ll be done with their training. While this is one...

Balanced, Reward Based Approach

The training plans we devise are customized and are not only based on our professional expertise, but also on the individual dog’s lifestyle, pace, and specific issues. We identify the behavior problems and also the owner’s training goals for the dog, and commit to the family until the job is accomplished. This helps guarantee success and promote lifelong results!

When it comes to cost, we offer very reasonable prices for the work that we provide. Because of our commitment-based philosophy, we take a one-time fee that covers a LIFETIME of in-home, private training. This ensures commitment from both owner and trainer, and keeps us focused on the dog’s growth, rather than money. We also feel that this is financially fair to our clients, rather than nickel and diming them with training fees per hour or per lesson. Every dog is different and works at their own pace, so we want to make sure that whether it takes five lessons or fifteen lessons, your dog will succeed and also your bank account won’t be drained!

Pivotal Dog Training Pittsburgh specializes in private, in-home dog training for any behavioral issue. We cover basic obedience, aggression rehabilitation, puppy training, and we even have an expecting parents training program that teaches the dog to be prepared for the arrival of a new baby in the home! We also offer group obedience classes in different locations in the Pittsburgh area.

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Your search for a reliable, committed, and reward-based dog trainer can end here: contact us and we will thoroughly answer all your questions, and set you and your dog up on the path to success and balanced behavior! Our office can be reached at 412-533-3947, or feel free to fill out our contact form!

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Greg is trained and certifited through Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.